Investor Inspections

A Thorough Property Inspection in Kansas City, MO Performed by Professionals

A Property inspection is an important part of the home buying process. Moreover if you’re planning to invest in flip houses. We can help you determine if a home will be worth the price, or if there are underlying problems that may cause future issues. There are many companies that offer property inspections, but if you’re looking for a team of trusted property inspectors who will perform thorough property inspection services in Kansas City, MO, call the experts at DNA Properties Home Inspection.

How a Building Inspection Works

Our property inspection company has many advantages this service provides to customers and is why they often request it. I can think of a few examples, including:

  • These inspections will be for investors.
  • Can handle multi properties and generate multiple reports.
  • There are advantages with the service, special rates for investors – due to multiple units.
  • A template for inspection reporting can be created that is specific to the investors company. Can also provide estimates on repairs.


If you want all of these perks and more, order your service now!

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To determine the status of your property and avoid future issues, hire a home inspector immediately. At DNA Properties Home Inspection, I endeavor to provide the finest property inspection in the Kansas City, MO region. Contact me immediately for additional information, to arrange service, or to inquire about military discounts.

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