Radon Testing

Professional Radon Testing Service in Kansas City, MO

Radon is a colorless, odorless, and radioactive gas found in some home areas. This gas can cause serious health problems. Home inspectors recommend a radon inspection before buying a home or if you have lived in a home for several years without radon testing. Homeowners in Kansas City, MO, request my services to identify the radon concentration in their homes. That way, they can take action or reach peace of mind.

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At DNA Properties Home Inspection, I focus on quality and precision. My interest in excellence is what drives me to select the best materials on the market. That way, I can assure a reliable and credible result. You may find other inspectors, but only a transparent and professional inspector can ensure an accurate radon report. You deserve perfect service, and I am here to guarantee it.

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High levels of radon in the air we breathe can cause lung cancer. Contact me today to receive my radon testing services in Kansas City, MO. At DNA Properties Home Inspection, I take your health and peace of mind seriously. That’s why I focus on providing a quality and reliable service that bring peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Contact me today to schedule your radon testing service.

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